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New Green Area for the Village

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An area of land west of Parsonage Place and abutting the A378 has been gifted to the village to be kept essentially as a greensward ( a green area) with plantings of flowers and small bushes to attract pollinating insects and provide a green and safe area with seats/benches. The intention is to make it a pleasant and relaxing place to walk through or meet up.

There will be no pitches or places for organised sports for this reason and there will be a restriction prohibiting the planting of substantial trees. The objective of the District Council in excluding and separating, with a wall, the gifted area from the development area is to preserve and retain, when viewed from the road, as much as possible of the previous visual green aspect of a very beautiful verdant large green field.

The current crumbling entire length of double skinned blue lias wall will be entirely rebuilt (at no cost to the village). Hopefully, the internal stone work can be reused but the new wall will end up effectively being in three sections with a road and two pedestrian openings in it.

A new road off the A 378 will be created giving access to the new development. Therefore the current, integral longitudinal strength has to be be breeched when reconstructed and repositioned as a requirement of the Highways Department for road safety.

These three new sections must be rebuilt to a standard of strength sufficient to retain the height of soil they must retain behind them. Therefore, a consultant well versed in these matters will be appointed to decree how they should be adequately reconstructed, in order that they will last as long as their predecessor. This procedure has been agreed between the Applicant for the development and the Parish Council, because the Parish Council will be the future owner of the walls and land, and therefore will be much involved with any proposed reconstruction decision.

This new green area will make a welcome addition to the centre of the village and very pleasant facility for everyone to enjoy.

Derek Yeomans
Chairman Curry Rivel Parish Council

If you wish to find out more about the proposed development or make comments goonline to
The application is still open, and you can add your comments via this page.

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