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tyres fly tip

On Monday 5/7/21 I came across this fly tip in Oath Drove. Past Red Hill and Dewlands-
It is not just inexcusable it's beyond appalling!
This is commercial waste on a large scale and I would encourage all residents to help stamp this out. It's on our doorstep and costs the SSDC HUNDREDS and THOUSANDS of pounds each year to clear up this unnecessary problem.
It is not only on our patch and continues with great regularity, the costs of removal comes out of our rates and taxes.
Be sure to be vigilant. You don't need to get involved with the individuals concerned just make as many discrete notes as possible i.e. registration numbers etc and pass details to police.
It's time we ALL took this problem seriously and help to eradicate it from our county. Including domestic waste which some people think is ok to dump in our ditches. Help by informing everyone you know about this problem and let's stamp it out all together. PLEASE everyone who cares support this post! Not for me but for US

John Casebourne VFPW

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