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Curry Rivel Roadshow 2022

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Burton Pynsent House, Saturday 30th July

I may be biased, but it seems to me that when Curry Rivel does something, it does it well.

The day dawned a little overcast and gloomy, and thank goodness it did too for otherwise those queueing visitors eagerly clutching family treasures might have suffered a little if the heat had persisted as it had in previous days.

Four experts were on hand, borrowed from Lawrences Auctioneers, to advise on jewellery, silverware, toys, books and collectables, and a general category for the expert in, well, everything else!

And what a variety of jewellery, paintings, cups, bowls and plates, medals, toys and other items too numerous to mention and too strange to identify you brought along from your attics.

Including the pair of little beauties pictured right. But what are they? Even our expert was flummoxed! I might just reveal the answer later, but go on, have a few guesses first. (click the image to enlarge)

I don't know if anyone was astonished, amazed, a bit pleased or wholly underwhelmed at their item's valuation, and if you want to tell us about it, feel free to email

But of course that isn't the only reason visitors came along. It was just a bit of fun, an opportunity one wouldn't ordinarily get to have an expert tell us about our precious items. And all in support of St Andrew's Church. Needless to say, Rev. Scott was flitting about all day seemingly always in at least two places at once!

And, come on ladies and gentlemen – didn't we all just want to have a closer look at the beautiful Burton Pynsent House?

A Grade II* listed building, the house was built between 1565 and 1765, when it was bequeathed to William Pitt who had an additional wing built to a design by Lancelot (Capability) Brown. The subsequent owner apparently demolished everything but the new wing in 1805. The house we see today was extended around this wing in the 20th century.

And what about those views!

You can find out more about the house and its history from Historic England

Refreshments in the form of bacon butties, Pimms, ice creams and cream teas, coffee and cakes provided by the church community were available all day and seemed to be very well received – though I did spot one of the cooks sampling rather a lot of the bacon sandwiches. Quality Control he said.

And scattered around the grounds jenga, quoits, pentanque, skittles/skee ball, a couple of classic vehicles and plenty else to occupy those of us who didn't bring an antique or curio with us. All directed, organised, parked and ticketed under the ever watchful eye of the attendant Rotarians.

An excellent day, with thanks to all those many organisers who gave up their Saturday – and no doubt many other hours too – to make sure the event was so memorable. And of course to the Schroders for allowing us to trample their gardens and generally shatter the tranquillity of their lovely home.

You can click through the icons to get larger images – thanks to all who agreed to have themselves or their treasures photographed. There were many more too, but only so much time (and space).

Oh, and guess what?

Answers on a postcard or sealed down envelope please. Or just click the link!

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