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Curry Rivel Community Support Group Update

22nd June 2020 @ 12:12pm
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Curry Rivel Community Support Group- We continue to be here for you through the Summer and beyond!
With the Government set to announce a relaxation of various of the lockdown rules this week, you may be thinking that soon things will be back to normal. Sadly, I don't think that will be the case in the short term, and I believe we shall all have to continue to learn to adapt our lifestyle and still be aware that a second wave of COVID -19 could still hit us.

Obviously, though, it is really good news for many of our local businesses and for each and every one of us that life can begin to return to the pre lockdown position. However, recognising that there will be ongoing issues for some in our village, I want to use our website to confirm that the work of the CRCSG will continue and we are here to help and assist in any way we can as we move through the summer season.

I hope all who read this are now fully aware of the different initiatives that we have set up and, as always, the contact mobile and e-mail are at the end of this article.

At the beginning of last week, I thought I was going to be writing about the need for the Government to respond to the inspiring campaign of Marcus Rashford and his heartfelt plea for food vouchers to continue through the summer holidays. As we all know, they did respond and those children from our community who need assistance will get that over the summer holiday period. However, our food bank is here to also assist in the holidays, and to provide the extra assistance, and it is also not only for families with children but for all in our community. We are pleased at the links we are developing with our school, and these will continue both in and out of term time. Sadly, we know that some in our community may find times continue to be tough, or their circumstances may change, temporarily or permanently, and so we shall continue to help where we can and this support is very much on the coming months. We are currently helping a wide range of people, both regularly and on a " one off" basis as the need arises.

We are very grateful for those who continue to give food and/or donations at our Wednesday and Saturday collections and to the wonderful group of volunteers who work on these days to ensure we deliver the help where it is needed.

I am very pleased to say as well that we have offered similar help in Drayton and Hambridge. One of the advantages as this is a community group we are able to respond very quickly and don't have the " red tape" that sometimes exists around these ventures. So, if emergency help is needed, we will respond with the necessary urgency.

Finally, just to show the breadth of what we do, can I put a plug in for our fourth ( and almost certainly) last ON LINE QUIZ, this coming Saturday at 7 pm. The Community Support Group was set up to help but also bring our village together at times when we can't meet through our groups and societies in person. Here is a chance to do that and enjoy a fun couple of hours.

If you are on your own, please still consider signing up as we can put people together into teams of two, three or four (we are very flexible). To date, groups from different households have worked together through mobile phone links and all you need is to be able to log in via our Zoom link which you are sent in advance. We aim to make the quiz fun for all ages.

It would be really nice to go out with a lively and full set of Quizzers and it gives us a chance to meet new people and share a brief respite from the lockdown stresses and strains. If you are interested please send a short email to to register your interest.

Finally, thanks to the initial volunteer " mask makers". We are off and running on that project, but more offers of help would be really appreciated as always.

Please continue to take care and look after those who most need it.

Steve Allinson

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Call : 07716792760

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