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CRiB Need You
CRiB 2018-19

Curry Rivel in Bloom photos(7)


2018 Events

Poppy Trail 2018 1
Remembrance Day Nov 2018


Burton Pynse
Monument Open Day 19th Aug 2017

19th Aug 2017(25)

War Memorial Clearance 22nd March 2017
CRiB 2017-18

Curry Rivel in Bloom 2017-18(137)

Flower Guild Fete4
Flower Guild Festival July 2018


Curry Rivel Live June 2018

Curry Rivel Live June 2018(21)


CRiB (Curry Rivel in Bloom) Previous Years

CRiB Agenda
Britain & Curry Rivel in Bloom 2016-2017


War memorial
Curry Rivel in Bloom Front Gardens 2017



Church Fete Previous Years

Church Fete - A Day for Hats
Church Fete 2017

Church Fete 8th July 2017(44)

Dancing Vicar
Church Fete July 2016



Curry Rivel Live Previous Years

Champions Music
Curry Rivel Live 2017 17th June

Curry Rivel Live 2017(28)

Live Tent
Curry Rivel Live 2016



Flower Show Previous Years

Flower Show 52
Flower Show 2017

Village Flower Show 12th Aug 2017(54)

Flower Show 6th August 2016


Bill and his Fuscia
Flower Show Old



Twinning Association Previous Years

Twinning Visit May 2018
Twinning Association


Old School Room2
Old School Room


Marbled White Butterfly
Curry Rivel Wildlife Survey Group

Wildlife in Curry Rivel(106)

Ed Pratt Talk 1
Ed Pratt World Unicyclist

Ed on his World Tour(45)

Allotments 5 During Open Gardens 12th June 2016
Open Gardens 12th June 2016


Big Breakfast


Remembrance Day 2009 wreaths
Remembrance Day 2009


Curry Rivel Music Group


Kids Play Day3 2016
KIds' Free Play Day 2016

17th September 2016(35)

unnamed (2)
Art Group

Curry Rivel Art Group(38)

Curry Rivel Past Present1 Before
Curry Rivel Photos

Photos supplied by Readers(43)

URC Christmas Fayre
URC Xmas Fair 2016

Village Hall 19th Nov 2016(40)

Big Breakfast 18 December 2016


CRE Robin Hood Panto Feb 2017 1
Curry Rivel Entertainers


Peter Pan Feb 2018

CRE Panto(11)

Snow 2nd March Curry Rivel 7
Spring Snow March 2018


URC Xmas Craft Fair 2017

URC Xmas Craft Fair 2017(12)

Remembrance Sunday 2017


Flower Festival 2
Flower Guild Display... 8th July 2017

Flower Guild Display at the Church Fete(30)

Huish Junior Triathlon Club
Huish Leisure

About Huish Leisure Centre Activities(33)