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I love the new website! Easy on the eye, simple to navigate and I love the chatbox!

We moved to Curry Rivel in 2004. Recently we were given a leaflet ( distributed by the Avon and Somerset Police) saying that our local Coordinator had stepped down and it would be good for the village if a replacement could be found. I cant find any reference to this situation on the web site and would like to hear from anyone else who is interested in finding out more about it. Have you had the notice?

The speed through the village on the main road during lockdown has become unbelievable! I live on the main road through the village and I rarely see a car observing the speed limit. During the night cars travel through here doing much more than the speed limit. There are several cars driving through the village that have seriously blown exhausts and travelling at speed. They are local. The speed indicator boxes have made no noticeable difference. Cars regularly overtake outside my house just before the turnoff to Chatham Place. It will only be a matter of time before a serious accident occurs. Something needs to be done before somebody is seriously hurt or worse.

Is there any info on the website re the allotments?

History of Curry Rivel
Author A O Mounter 1910 – 1988

My father was born and lived all his life in Curry Rivel and spent many years after his retirement researching and writing this history of his beloved village.
He wrote it on an Amstrad word processor and then printed it on A4 paper to produce a few copies, one of which he deposited it in the Somerset Records office and one of which I have since scanned and converted to a microsoft word document that is available to anyone to do with as they wish within the limitations and restrictions of copyright law. Just send your email address to

Terry Mounter 2021

What do people think of the new look website? Have you something to say or report? Use the chatbox- its easy. Dog poo, nuisance, compliments, for sale or give away, volunteer

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